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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Favourite Songs in the General forums; Hey Guys and Girls, What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful and lovely sounding song that you have ever ...
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    Favourite Songs

    Hey Guys and Girls,

    What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful and lovely sounding song that you have ever heard. Im looking for some new music.

    Also post any of you all time favourite songs (they dont have to be trumpet related)

    One of my personal favourites is "Emmanuel" by Chris Botti... Check that stuff!!

    Thanks everyone.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla. A tune to die for. Arturo plays in on his A Time for Love, Canadian Brass on Magic Horn.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Roy Hargrove "I Remember Clifford". He does a wonderful job on flugle.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    St. James Infirmary Blues would have to be one of my favourites. Any version.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Your right mctrumpet98, and no one plays this wonderful tune better than Louie Armstrong.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Still say it's Lee Morgan and Ceora.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Pat Metheny: Farmer's Trust.
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Maurice Andre, "La Strada."

    Maurice Andre "La Strada" - YouTube

    It's worth listening until the end...
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    Doc Severinsen "What is this thing called Love" or "open the gates of Love"
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    Re: Favourite Songs

    "Early Autumn" by Woody Herman

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