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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Felts in the General forums; Well this weekend I am going to the music store to get some materials for the upcoming marching season, ie ...
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    Well this weekend I am going to the music store to get some materials for the upcoming marching season, ie valve oil, grease, etc. Then I remembered my aristocrat is in dire need of felts. During marching season we had a couple of practices out in the pouring rain, and one of our shows, it was a DOWNPOUR. As expected the felts are rock hard now. My strad's outside felts are synthetic, and I was wondering if this would be a good choice of felts to get for my aristocrat which is out in the rain a lot. Would they stand a better chance? Or should I stick with classic felts?

    Also, how do I replace the felts? Do the outer ones come out? Or do they not need replacing?

    Thanks in advance for the help
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    Re: Felts

    The valve cap and valve stem felts align the ports in the pistons with the ports in the casings. You should check with a repair tech to be sure you get the right thickness. Misaligned valves can cause a horn to play out of tune and stuffy.
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