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Trumpet Discussion Discuss a few trumpet issues... in the General forums; ok so ive got a few problems and after meeting with my band teacher i decided to try here. my ...
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    Question a few trumpet issues...

    ok so ive got a few problems and after meeting with my band teacher i decided to try here.

    my first question is this, me and 3 other friends from our highschool band want to play a single peice of music (i believe its called a cortette?) together for contest but we dont know any good peices. the oldest member is my friend whos in 12th grade, im in 11th and the other 2 members are in 10th grade. the 10th graders and myself have difficulty hitting things above the barline (Gs are really the limit sadly so it seems) but my friend the 12th grader can pop almost everything up an octave.

    so basically we are looking for a peice of music for 4 trumpet players in highschool thats not to complicated. we have until about march 5th to master the peice and perform it so we have a month and a half to get it down.

    my second question is this, I currently cannot really hit high notes well. im using a 5cc mouthpeice if thats a problem with it. my friend can just pop everything up an octave with ease and i admit im jealous, but my main issue is that when he graduates im going to be the only trumpet in the 12th grade and i need to be getting these things down.
    im figuring that just playing alot would increase my range but was wondering if anyone else had some good methods that i could use to increase my range. but i cant just play my trumpet alot because seriously... family would maul me.

    my third and final question is a minor one but is one i feel should be listed. my friend is a senior and this is his last year here so we wanted to do something special for it. our idea is to pop up a section of "the star spangled banner" for pep band. However, given the current situation and that its our national song i was wondering... good idea?

    thanks for the help!

    P.S sorry about the grammar and spelling errors im at school writing this and im rushing it.

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    My suggestion for the quartet piece is to just go to your local music store and let them know you are looking for a piece based on the range and skill of those in the group. If they don't have it in store, they might be able to order it or you can go online and order it yourself. As for the range, the only thing that can solve that is practice practice practice. Find exercises in methods books that test and stretch your range. Also, consult your band director and private teacher if you are taking lessons. Lessons might even be a good idea. I did not take a single lesson until the summer before my senior year in high school, but those 8 weeks helped so much. Best of luck to you and your quartet.

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    1)check with your local music stores for quartet music, they'll be able to tell you the difficulty level.
    2)Check out on the web what Maynard Ferguson said to do to increase your range.
    3) If you kick up the National Anthem someone might just kick you guys in the butt!! People are sticky about things like that.
    Heck do up a version of an Evanesance or Paramore tune(which will be really easy to write). Burn a copy of the song and give it to your band director and have him/her to write it out,or have them to help a couple of you guys to write it out.
    good luck

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    Go online and look for easy trumpet quartets say grade 3. As for improvement find a good trumpet teacher. This is not a do it yourself endevor. Good luck. let us know how it goes .Your mouthpiece is a good one
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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    Here is a link to quite a few Brass Quartet (or cortette) music.

    They are free to download.

    See which ones you four are all able to play.

    God luck.

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    Welcome to TM Zach. You have some good advice here. You have until next school year to work on your range. Don't take the summer off. I think you are feeling the pressure to be "The Man" next year. I live in a small town in Texas. My daughter felt the pressure to be "The Man" her senior year. (There were only 4 trumpets) Her band director selected music that worked to the strengh of thier band. They got a lot of 1's and 2's in contests and she never got above a F at the top of the staff. She was "The Man". Work on your tone quality even more than playing high notes. It'll pay off. Good Luck and don't sweat the high stuff!

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    a really powerful piece for 4 trumpets is Canzon Cornetto by Samuel Scheidt. You only need a G on top of the staff and good rhythm. It will BLOW THE SOCKS off of any adjudicator if it is well prepared. There is harmony, rhythm, technique and MUSIC in great quantity!
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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    I also need to work on my range. This is a tough one. I've got about an A reliably, below middle C. F if I'm shot. High C sometimes.

    Any advice on this would be helpful too.

    Rowuk^, your advice with quiet long tones has been very helpful. It's not quite paying off in full yet, but I'm sure in a few months my range should improve. I've been playing high notes better for sure though, just not higher.

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    Re: a few trumpet issues...

    When I read your post I also thought of the Samuel Scheidt Canzon. I put together a group, (3 trumpets and 1 French Horn) to play it at my High School Graduation 32 years ago.. OMG!!!

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