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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A "fighting the trumpet" day in the General forums; I'm one for pretty much never "resting". When things aren't working right we simply need practice differently or practice different ...
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    Re: A "fighting the trumpet" day

    I'm one for pretty much never "resting". When things aren't working right we simply need practice differently or practice different things. Practicing does not necessarily imply that chops must meet mouthpiece. Mental practice is a BIG chunk of it.
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    Re: A "fighting the trumpet" day

    All very good thoughts. I'm closing in on the end of the school year, so things are getting hectic and stressful here. On top of that, schedule is an issue, so I am finding myself just trying to squeeze in practice time whenever I can get it. With that squeeze comes pressure to make that practice time really count, and there's the tension.

    I think I just need to get out of my head sometimes. Anyway,I had a productive day of yard work (silver lining), and it's back on the horse tomorrow!
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    Re: A "fighting the trumpet" day

    Im the King of over practicing, and Im a bit ADD/ADHD so I am all of over the place wanting to practice and try out different things during my session. I have been so busy lately that I haven't been practicing 6 days a week like I normally do; I must say after taking rests sometimes I sound much better than usual, its fundamentally changed the way I look at my playing & resting ratio. Also be sure your mouthpiece and horn is clean, and all your slides and valves are oiled/greased, It can impact your sound.

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