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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The Final Embouchure Method in the General forums; Does any one know anything about The Final Embouchure Method by Bill Carmichael....
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    The Final Embouchure Method

    Does any one know anything about The Final Embouchure Method by Bill Carmichael.

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    Re: The Final Embouchure Method

    I bought the vhs tape. He doesn't have DVD yet. Intriguing. Everything pushes forward as if saying "HHMMM". I watch it every couple of days and work on the position he displays. I played a G above double high C a couple of days ago during a particularly nasty practice session. Gotta be careful because I get so excited I want to go hard every day. Bad to over train. Must........control........myself.
    Anyway, it will give you something to practice. He is a screamer for sure. He says you can play in the double register for hours. Well, I am definitely not there yet. I've only been playing for about 8 weeks after years off the horn and my endurance SUCKS! Anyway, I think it is worth the money...

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