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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Finally done in the General forums; Hello everyone I just wanted to drop the word that as of last night I finished my music bachelors degree. ...
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    Finally done

    Hello everyone

    I just wanted to drop the word that as of last night I finished my music bachelors degree. I am super stoked. Now I just have to wait and see if I won a job with the Canadian military. What a great thing it would be if I get the job of my dreams directly out of school.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me
    Cheers to all

    Eric Sproul
    Eric Sproul
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    A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you Eric! Bravo!

    Now...I will send all the good vibes I can for your acceptance into the Military. Good luck!

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    Here's to you Eric

    Jonathan Wright

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    Congrats, Eric. Might I ask: what do you mean by winning a job with the military? Are you talking about a military band?


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    Well Done, eh!

    Chuck Willard
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    HI :)
    All positions in the Canadian forces Bands are done with auditons and are only usually given to people who have just graduated or about to graduate with their Music degree.Years ago it didn't matter if you had your degree or not it was all done by talent. The Canadian Military have a very high standard when it comes to their bands.People have to be very flexable in the types of music that they play......Ex: morning might be doing a parade...afternoon full concert band\ Jazz band\ big band....dinner music for a political event
    This is a pretty exciting job to have and is very demanding..alot of traveling depending on which band your are posted too. I'd like to gradulate you on finishing your Degree and really hope you get the will love it I assure you:):)
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    Congratulations Eric Well done!
    Best of Luck with the Military, too!
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