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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Finding the Gap in the General forums; I'll have a play with that tomorrow if I get chance, it will be with my Wick 3C heavytop and ...
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    Re: Finding the Gap

    I'll have a play with that tomorrow if I get chance, it will be with my Wick 3C heavytop and I'll use the Sonora rather than Seth's Sov
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    Re: Finding the Gap

    Quite honestly, I do not pay any attention to gap at all. I am more of an old school trained player so If I think my pitch or sound is off I either pull out the main tuning slide a bit or just lip it in tune, which is not much of a problem on my Schilke 11 (=Bach 7c). I have actually been looking into other mouthpieces as I was always taught just to deal with what you got but, even though I have been playing on a 7c forever, a new mouthpiece may be beneficial to me. But, that is a tale for another thread...
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    Re: Finding the Gap

    It is not "old scool" to ignore gap. It is a subject where we can perhaps discover things about ourselves and our instruments. A methodical approach will let us know how critical it is and if it is applicable in our particular case. With all the BS available on the web, it is a question that deserves real data.
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    Re: Finding the Gap

    My Harrelson Bravura was delivered with no thought (by me) to mouthpiece gap. I thought my Monette B6 would stand up to a bespoke trumpet and make it sing. Long story short, I purchased a Harrelson B6 SWE Mouthpiece, manufactured with my Bravura as the target trumpet, Jason did mention something about gap - guess what, that trumpet is a different kettle of fish, it is now caviar where once it was pilchards. Frankly, when it comes to mouthpieces, I think most of us are just guessing.
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    Re: Finding the Gap

    I came across a good paper by Schilke dealing with gap: Leader Pipe and Its Function
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