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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Finding music in the General forums; I'm going to play for a wedding and need some music. I've played this before but the music was always ...
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    Finding music

    I'm going to play for a wedding and need some music.

    I've played this before but the music was always given to me by the organist. This time the organist is saying I should have it and I probably should.

    I want to make sure I'm getting the right thing and over the Internet I can't see it first.

    Here is what they sent me. Anybody know where to get it and know it's correct?

    "The organist, told me to tell you it is the Mass of Creation
    Joyce said you should have the trumpet music for the parts of the mass: Holy, Holy Holy, Christ Has Died, Lamb of God, Celtic Alleluia, etc."

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    Re: Finding music

    Tell the orgnist that they should have it. It is catholic church mass music. It is not standard trumpet music.

    Play the vocal parts, read off the organ part, or make up your own from either. The trumpet parts are badly written anywy.
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