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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Finding someone to play with in the General forums; I'm a recent comeback player, I started about 8 months ago, I am 27 now, and originally I only played ...
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    Finding someone to play with

    I'm a recent comeback player, I started about 8 months ago, I am 27 now, and originally I only played for 1 year in middle school. So I'm not that good yet, but I practice everyday, dilligently. It's getting to the point where practicing just isn't enough. I need to play with some other people to keep my motivation going. Since the whole point of playing a musical instrument is to make music, even someone to play duets with would be useful. Any suggestions on how I might go about this? I'm feeling a bit discouraged because I've decided to start this so late, I don't know where to look. I've been taking private lessons, and my teacher says I'm progressing well. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot guys, and take care.
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    Re: Finding someone to play with

    If you are taking lessons, ask your teacher if he would be willing to coordinate having you and one of his other students play a duet at the music store or wherever it might be that you are taking lessons. I've been taking lessons for the past 1.5 years and they automatically request everyone to put on a mini show every so often. Of course if you are just looking to perform then you could perform a solo as you don't need other people to perform, but it is fun to have others to perform with.
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    Re: Finding someone to play with

    I hear you bro. I started at age 26 and didn't even have middle school exposure. I had never touched a trumpet and didn't know the difference between a quarter note and a rest. But I was very diligent too and taking lessons.

    After 18 or 20 months, I started playing in a small municipal marching band and had a blast doing that. Marching and playing is definitely a challenge and will make you watch your breathing.

    Here in the US, marching bands are quite competitive and usually school based, so that may not be too much of an option for you. However, there are lots of community bands of all levels, the trick is to find them ,as they do not necessarily advertise or have a web site. It's worth looking though. Some are quite good and will audition. Most are just made of people who want to get together to play music.

    Ask your teacher if he has another student of the same level with the same need. Of course, it's a little awkward if it's a kid but some parents won't mind and it could be fun.

    Take a look at Craigslist, there is a musiccian section; all sorts of stuff but occasionally something that would meet your needs, between the ads for post death metal punk whatever bass players.

    You can try to post a CL add yourself and explain what you're looking for. Expand your search. Most duets written for trumpets can be played by a trumpet and any other Bb instrument. Pieces for trumpet and piano would be good too if you find a piano player.

    If you go to Church, ask them if you could join their worship group. If not, you can go around check out other churches.

    Get a decent microphone, record yourself playing one voice, then play the other voice along with the recording. My first teacher got me to do that almost from the very beginning with the duets in the Balay method, then I would play them with him when having a lesson. I believe that doing this very early on was very good practice.

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    Re: Finding someone to play with

    You're in the heart of what's probably the best of all music education in United States... and that is Texas. There's got to be some great GREAT community bands at ALL levels!

    Go find a local high school and ask the band director if he knows much. I'd be surprised if the answer was "no"!
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