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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Finger/tongue coordination? in the General forums; Hey everybody, Just asking if anyone knows any good exercises that'll help me to keep my fingers in time with ...
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    Finger/tongue coordination?

    Hey everybody,
    Just asking if anyone knows any good exercises that'll help me to keep my fingers in time with my articulation?
    When I do legato tonguing notes seem to roll over into the next attack...
    It seems that my first two fingers are fine and do as I say, but the dreaded ring finger just isn't listening. (And yes, I've realised that shouting at it won't help!).
    Also, it's gotten chilly all of a sudden, so if anyone has any nice ways to keep fingers warm and agile, it'd be nice to know. (I've tried gloves but me fingers keep slippin off the valve buttons, and I nearly dropped the trumpet...)
    Anyway (I always seem to ramble on) thanks again. :)
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    Re: Finger/tongue coordination?

    Try some simple, relatively slow trills in the middle register, then add tongue, like four slurred and four tongued, then increase the intervals.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Finger/tongue coordination?

    I find that for me, it is a matter of concentration and focus. Vulgano Brother's suggestion should help. Also, make sure that you are making your valve changes decisively. Even when you are playing a legato section, slam the valves down so that your changes are clean. Just don't get too overzealous and rush the tempos.
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