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Trumpet Discussion Discuss First trumpet? in the General forums; What was your first trumpet? Mine was a $75 trumpet I bought at a yard sale :) Its been a ...
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    First trumpet?

    What was your first trumpet?

    Mine was a $75 trumpet I bought at a yard sale :)

    Its been a great horn, too, I still have it, and I've only had to spend $100 total for all the repairs through the years.
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    Re: First trumpet?

    I played on a rental Blessing for a year, then a Yamaha intermediate model for the next three or four years.

    I sold that Yamaha to a student a couple years ago...I still kind of regret letting it go. I still have the mouthpiece though!

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    Re: First trumpet?

    My parents bought me a Gaylord, a K&H stencil, in 1954. I'm not sure I ever paid attention to the name - it was always just "the trumpet." The only reason I know the name now is because I came across the carbon copy of the receipt when I was cleaning out my father's desk after he died. They gave the horn to my cousins after I left for college and the cousins destroyed it. But I got my grandfather's Conn Wonder cornet to make up for it.

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    Re: First trumpet?

    Blessing Scholastic purchased at a pawn shop for about $100 by my parents. It was not a terrible horn, the lacquer was in good shape, etc. Until it got stepped on in marching band my senior year, that is! I think my mom still has it.
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    Re: First trumpet?

    Olds Ambassador, still have it too. While it was the 1st trumpet I learned to play, the 1st one I owned was a Yamaha. My buddy loaned me the Olds, and he finally sold it to me years later. I guess thats why I like to loan some of my equipment to newbies. It all started with my friends generosity.
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    Re: First trumpet?

    A Besson cornet and Holton trumpet

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    Re: First trumpet?

    A really crappy, leaky King Clevland Superior cornet my mom got for $100 - more than it was worth! Thankfully I got to upgrade to a 1960's Benge about a year later. The funny thing about that cornet, though - an old boyfriend had ended up with it years ago, and I thought I'd never see it again. A couple of months ago he dropped it off at my Nana's house! I'll pick it up the next time I visit.
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    Re: First trumpet?

    I'm still on my Strad that I got way back in 6th grade when I started. My parents knew I was commited enough to the trumpet to get me one. :)

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    Re: First trumpet?

    My dad was a long time pro reed player (Selmer Paris) in Lansing, Mi, had a combo. He bought me a Martin Committee Cornet in '55 when I started, and then a Selmer K-modified trumpet when I went to college in '60. Must have been a sacrifice at that time, but he wanted my brother and I to have good music opportunities. Wish I still had those horns!
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    Re: First trumpet?

    My first horn was a 1928 Buescher Bb/A cornet that my mother played in school and had belonged to my granddad. It looked like crap, all tarnished and a big sloppy soldering job on the leadpipe, the original mouthpiece lost and replaced with an oddball trumpet mouthpiece. The beginning band director tried to steer me toward flute, but I held out for trumpet because of that old horn. Later that year my parents bought me a Sears Silvertone that was new and shiny, so the cornet was put aside and forgotten. I didn't realize what a stuffy piece of junk that Silvertone was until my parents bought me a Strad in Jr. High. That's me with the Silvertone in 1971 in my avatar.

    Recently I got out that Buescher and polished it up and got a cornet mouthpiece for it and discovered what a nice player it it. It is now off being restored and I can't wait to get it back!
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