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Trumpet Discussion Discuss first valve blues.............. in the General forums; Originally Posted by et_mike That being the case, it appears the second valve is the one used the most... of ...
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    Re: first valve blues..............

    Quote Originally Posted by et_mike View Post

    That being the case, it appears the second valve is the one used the most... of course that is going to be subjective to the music being played and the notes most often played by the individual.
    It is also the valve most prone to damage.
    If you keep music in your case on top of your trumpet (and your trumpet is in the case on its side) the music will press against the 2nd valve slide. This pressure can cause the valve to stick.
    It is also very common for the trumpet to fall on that valve slide, or be set on a table upsdie down. All of these can cause the valve to stick.
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    Re: first valve blues..............

    thanks to all........i'm going with the thicker oil next.


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    Re: first valve blues..............

    My friend has a Bach Strad 37
    and I don't know if this works for everyone
    but he mixes Blue Juice and Fast Oil
    It smells horrible and you can taste in when you play the horn
    but he NEVER!!!!!! has to re oil his horn as often as I do
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