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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Fit, or what? in the General forums; These guys are amazing!
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    Fit, or what?

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    Reminds me of a move I had in marching band this past season. A jazz run of 40 yards in 16 counts. (thats about two steps for every 5 yards) Luckily all I had was 4 whole notes through that section. Unfortunatly it was two high C's and two high Bb's...
    -David Jacques

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    The Memorial day parade I usually do is up and down some mild hills and I get winded

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    I got winded just watching!
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    I get this picture in my mind....

    You're the third trumpet in that group.

    You go home and Mom and Dad have some visitors at the house.

    They say junior, "Please show our guests what you are doing with your orchestra."

    And you run around the front yard at full speed playing third trumpet!

    Sorry, it just struck me funny

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