I would like to start a trumpet club in Fl. and also to all the musicians out there that play any instrument that is semi pro or even intermediate and willing to put in time to form a band. I know it takes time and I have a repertiore of over 200 songs of all types! With the right people and commitment I could form one heck of a band. Just have to find int. players! I had several auditions with bands and they all have a click and if you have gone through this you know what I mean! Let me tell you I know what people want to hear and how to arrange and with the right musicians I believe I can get one heck of a band together! I am in FT. Laud. Were looking at 30s,-present! I play Botti, Alpert, Kim waters, War, Ellington, You name it I play it. Please give me feedback, the instruments needed, tenor sax, alto sax, drums, another trumpet maybe two, guitar and bass. All music chatrts I can get and It will sound awsome! Lets get this party started. See Ya Bill