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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Flugelhorn repair in the General forums; Selman is certainly not "Selmer" though the manufacturer would like you to believe it....
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    Re: Flugelhorn repair

    Selman is certainly not "Selmer" though the manufacturer would like you to believe it.

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    Re: Flugelhorn repair

    Quote Originally Posted by lmf View Post
    Selman is certainly not "Selmer" though the manufacturer would like you to believe it.
    that's how I got my first Selman off of Ebay. The add stated it as a Selmer and it wasn't and I thought I could make it work for me and it just didn't. Seller wouldn't return the money so lesson learned.
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    Re: Flugelhorn repair

    Once upon a time my pops bought me a selman horn. That was long time ago so let me remember.

    Ok it came back to my brain.

    Yeah I still have it and the valves are sworking.

    Most selman has the problem of "valves".

    I gave my selman to my teacher and she or he looked at in and couldn't figure why the valves wouldn't work.

    So I dumped a few bottles of valve oil onto the valves and pushed and pulled them up and down for like an hour. Then I took wd40 and sprayed a whole bunch in.

    I did wash the valves after that because the horn smelled like... ughh

    After a while the Valves started working. Now the valves work alright but the trumpet is still chines crap. I think it is something to do with the metals. I never recommend this horn. Not even for beginners.
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