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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Cornet in the General forums; The best flugels I've played are Taylor (standard), Carol Brass, Kanstul 1525, Leblanc F357 and a Courtois. If you're in ...
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    Re: Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Cornet

    The best flugels I've played are Taylor (standard), Carol Brass, Kanstul 1525, Leblanc F357 and a Courtois. If you're in the college student price range...then the Carol Brass would be the best buy (out of these horns). You can find them ranging from $1100-$1500.

    A lot of people out there say that the Kanstul 1525 is "the one". But that's most people. It really comes down to what you like and what works best for you. So get out there and try a bunch of them!

    Good luck,
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    Re: Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Cornet

    Quote Originally Posted by Etiennse View Post
    Warmest/darkest sound? Or does it really depend on the player . Im classically trained and want to start some jazz.

    Also good brands for flugelhorn?? NOt sure what to search for.
    Here's a link to one of Storks Flugel pages.

    New Page 1

    I went with the 1 FLS"y" for a bigger/darker/warmer sound. It is much larger @ 17.00mm than my trumpet mpc @ 16.55mm. It took some getting used to but that's what practice is for.
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    Re: Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Cornet

    I love playing Jazz and i play a cornet but will be getting a trumpet soon.

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    Re: Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Cornet

    Conn Vintage 1

    in that order

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