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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Fluttering tone in the General forums; Still trying to build the chops. I find that after a tem minute warm up of low tones and octave ...
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    Fluttering tone

    Still trying to build the chops. I find that after a tem minute warm up of low tones and octave slurs, my mid staff notes have a fluttering that I really have to concentrate on to stop. I have been using a Bach 5C and today, I tried the Bach 7C that came with the Yamaha 2320 I use. There is no discernable difference that I can tell. Will this go away with practice or do I try some other MPs?
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    Re: Fluttering tone

    it will go away after a while. If you hold a heavy book out at arms length for 5 to 10 minutes, your arm will also flutter after putting it down. Practice brings stability of breathing (airflow) as well as stability of embouchure. You still have a little way to go.
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    Re: Fluttering tone

    Rest as long as you play, soft long-tones , lip-slurs, scales ,with plenty of rests in between each group, approximately 5 minutes on 5 minutes off.

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    Re: Fluttering tone

    It sounds more like you've got an airflow consistency problem rather than your chops. If you can't actually feel your chops moving (the corners, that is) then I really doubt it's them that's causing the problem. Are you sure it's not just an off-day and you weren't breathing in a calm manner instead?

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