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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Fun and easy horn lines in the General forums; can anyone post some?...
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    Fun and easy horn lines

    can anyone post some?

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    Re: Fun and easy horn lines

    Listen to the recordings, and transcribe some.
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    Re: Fun and easy horn lines

    ^^ What he said. I really don't like transcribing either, but I grind through it anyway when I want to learn something just because it helps your listening ability a TON, and makes transcribing lots easier as you go on. Besides, if it's an easy horn line it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. For example, most of Tower of Power's horn lines are pretty easy to learn... down the octave, that is.
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    Re: Fun and easy horn lines

    It's tough to do better than transcribing, but, you may want to check harbison's site or some text like The SPIT Book to develop sequences. Oliver Nelson's book is real good too.
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