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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Funiest thing ever said about your playing! in the General forums; Originally Posted by Ed Lee NO, yet, I don't wear hearing aids and no longer live in Virginia, now living ...
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    Re: Funiest thing ever said about your playing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Lee View Post
    NO, yet, I don't wear hearing aids and no longer live in Virginia, now living in NC and I've never heard a horn loud enough to carry so many miles so don't expect me to hear you live over such a distance, albeit my home now is just 30 minutes to the VA border.

    Still, the best place I've ever found to play my brass horns (ability to play them all, but not present capability due to health and dental issues) was in a church sanctuary, during services or otherwise.

    Am now practicing with church choir to sing during Christmas cantata Christmas eve ... not a solo.

    Merry Christmas everyone !
    Gotcha. Merry Christmas!
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    Cool Re: Funiest thing ever said about your playing!

    That small horn for a short player crack could also apply to a pocket trumpet
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    Re: Funiest thing ever said about your playing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick14A4A View Post
    Once after playing TAPS for a funeral, I had someone ask what kind of batteries my horn used. Not really understanding the question I replied with, "I had a cheeseburger for lunch." Later on I found out that many military funerals use some sort of battery operated trumpet to play TAPS. The player just holds it like they are playing and the tune is played. Amazing!
    Welcome to the era of the Department of Defense introduced electronic bugle now used by many military veteran's and civic organizations in lieu of a real on-duty uniformed military personnel bugler as had been promised by DOD to provide the funeral honors to all active military and veterans. While it was recorded by Sergeant Major English (now retired) a former Army bugler at Arlington National Cemetery, disregarding the quality of input such output of the electronic bugle is only via an 8 ohm speaker.

    If it comes down to such, I've instructed my family to play my own CD recording of TAPS but sounded via professional audio engineers. I presently have both the commitment of a live bugler and a piper, but their presence will depend on many factors some of which they may have no control over. It could have been this year, but Thank God and the surgeon it will be a while yet. I'm in no hurry!
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