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    G-bugles and Pitch

    So, I think I'm going to go on the field this year with a Drum Corps, after 20 years (the mini-corps I play with is a stage corps). The last few days I've been playing on a G-bugle (yep, some senior corps still use them instead of the more common Bb).

    I've had a heck of time finding my pitch on the valved bugle...I grew up playing them, but it doesn't seem that I have that frame of reference anymore.

    To me it seems that many of the pitches are so close together that you really have to attack a note to hit the right one! Also, where in the scale the pitches are closest is weird...

    Anyone have any advice or similar experience?
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    Re: G-bugles and Pitch

    I loved playing those things (piston - rotor for me) back in the day!

    I remember them as being big and loud! to this day I can only play a large bore horn and huge
    mouthpiece. I don't remember any real tuning or slotting problems to overcome from Bb trumpet though.
    then again you are probably on a three valve model that didn't exist in my day.

    I'd say that it is just a getting used to it kind of thing. check the gap just in case.
    try the Bob Reeves paper trick to check the gap.

    have fun!!!
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