Wow guys I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic responses you've given me: there's some really good advice here - thank's so much!

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Oddly enough, Chris, I was going to suggest a bigger rim to give you a bit more wiggle room and relieve the discomfort. I went into work once a few years ago with a pimple on my lower lip wondering how I was going to get through the show when i asked Bob to use his mouthpiece which was a monette 1-1. That's deeper and has a high point that's further away than the 1-2 I was using. I was never able to play well on it prior to that but with my lip swollen it was a perfect fit and the show went very well.
I really do think that this is a good idea - and if I cannot lose this ulcer, I shall definitely investigate a larger rim mouthpiece.

Rowuk and wilcox 96 thanks for the advice about what to play in the audition, and also the good advice on not changing my mouthpiece until after my exam - I definitely want to know the mouthpiece I'm playing the pieces on.

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If the sore spot is caused by a tooth protrusion go to an orthodontist. Talk over the options to get it moved into place. You have a long career ahead and straight teeth is the long term solution.
Thanks to everyone who advised me to go to a dentist - I went just this morning, but he couldn't identify what the ulcer is caused by and advised me to go to a doctor!

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Okay, firstly the ulcer - I'm pretty sure there is some really strong stuff you can get from the chemist, it might mean not playing for a week, but tell the chemist you have a severe cratered ulcer and see what they give you. Gargle salt water every 4 hours as well.

Secondly, i'm guessing from the repertoire (although Fanfare for the Common Man seems weird) the exam is your grade 8? If the ulcer is still a problem postpone the exam if you can. Wait until the ulcer is gone, and then begin to practice the pieces in such a way that you develop stamina as you go along - I'm sure there is lots of good advice on how to do this, but a good start is here:

but, get rid of the ulcer first.

Finally, the Haydn 2nd - play something else - it's technically too easy, i played it years ago for college entry alongside the Hindemith Sonate (1st mvt) and every panel was really not bothered about hearing the Haydn.
Yes unfortunately I am taking my Grade 8 exam :S - I'm really really worried about it! The Fanfare for the Common Man is the list B piece I believe.

I took your advice redj, tromj, and especially Solar Bell and went to the chemist - they've ordered the Chloriphyll and I'm seeing another doctor on Friday morning.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to reply! I appreciate it so much. Thank youuuu

Chris :)