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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Get it, Wynton. in the General forums; Awesome......
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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    That was just amazing, I wish I was there!!
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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    That is truly PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it's that little voice at the end of the day that says. "I'll try again tomorrow."

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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    o my... absolutely stunning... its just like school... every jazz man loves a good face off... loved gordons dt'ing... bravo!
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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    How fun was that!!!??? Awesome! That sure beats the heck out of using my silent brass system while on How many of us have wanted to cut loose while staying in a hotel, but knew OUR only real option was playing into a silent brass system or mute?
    Those guys are just amazing. Thanks for sharing that!

    "So my advice to young players who do want to play with Stamina, strength and range is to really recognize that 1) your lip is not it, 2) your enemies are the hands--don't press too hard." Maynard Ferguson Nov. 1988 interview with Kenneth L. Neidig BDGuide

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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    im gonna do it... some day...
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    Re: Get it, Wynton.

    cbdmd, I TOTALLY feel your pain... there have been a number of times where I've been on vacation, on tour, or at a competition out of state where I was in a hotel and couldn't play my horn without a mute in. And you're welcome! That's one of my very favorite videos. Too cool.
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