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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Geting braces took off in the General forums; Sorry, remove the "chump" part, but do listen to Chase....
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    Sorry, remove the "chump" part, but do listen to Chase.
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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    Thanks for the correction, Vulgano. I figured you didn't mean it to be so, er, crass...

    KMT -- beat me to it. Thanks for the correction.

    Scream Machine -- I had this happen about four years ago. It was the weirdest experience in the world for me. Suddenly everything felt slippery, like I had no upper lip at all. It was totally wierd, but it took no time to get back on track (and even sound better).

    Do as Manny suggested, and you'll be fine in no time. Good Luck!!!
    There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who do not.

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    I do listen to chase a lot too.
    "I'm not a fighting man, but I really wasted that cat."- Maynard ferguson

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