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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Getzen - a new era in the General forums; thumbs up. And with that, I'll take my 900sb and go play a 7pm performance of 'Bye, Bye, Birdie.'...
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    Re: Getzen - a new era

    thumbs up. And with that, I'll take my 900sb and go play a 7pm performance of 'Bye, Bye, Birdie.'
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    Re: Getzen - a new era

    Just between you and me....I love my 900s Eterna Classic almost as much as my wife. They both are VERY forgiving and thats an important quality to have from both. Sometimes my Getzen gets preferential treatment and I am inclined to put more wear on my wife, gotta work harder on that. Best wishes.
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    Re: Getzen - a new era

    Congrats and much success to the Getzen family.
    Getzen 907S Eterna Proteus

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    Re: Getzen - a new era

    Getzens are awesome. All there is to it. Got an early '60s Eterna before Doc's name went on them. Beautiful timbre and the valves are in amazing shape consdering the horn is 50 years old.
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    Re: Getzen - a new era

    Might as well fess up. I just became a member of the Getzen group too! I know, I know...a few of you might remember my repeated railings against piling up more and more gear. I'm so ashamed... But, you know, I didn't have a trumpet with a 1st valve slide trigger. And everyone needs at least one of those, right? So I stumbled across this 72 Severinsen from an obscure source that looked pretty good and that was priced at a level I could swallow, and I caved. Its a pretty cool trumpet! Oh, and nice valves too!
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