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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Going to Dillon's...What to do? in the General forums; I'll be in New York visiting family over Christmas and I'm planning on stopping by Dillons while I'm there. What ...
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    Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    I'll be in New York visiting family over Christmas and I'm planning on stopping by Dillons while I'm there. What I'd really like to do is come home with an Olds Super, but they probably won't have one - they don't have one currently. So I'm wondering if there are other stores up there worth checking out. Or maybe they have something in stock that's equivalent (I'm looking at around a $700 budget), but I don't know much about older instruments. Or maybe there is someone on here who has one they are willing to sell. Anyway, I just really want a new horn and I figure Dillons is the place to get one. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    Everyone's going to tell you the exact same thing but TRY OUT ALL THE HORNS!

    Dillons is really known for their service and their catalogue of horns on hand...

    Phil Smith among other very well known players have done business at Dillons.

    They're great people and you will be blown away with all the horns that they have. You should be sure to mark out at least several hours to see everything that they've got!
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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    I don't understand the question. You want a used horn that Dillons doesn't have in stock, but you want a new horn anyway.

    I can read two things here: your money is burning a hole in your pocket so it doesn't matter what we think, or we should be mad at Dillons for not carrying the vintage horn that you are looking for.

    As always, I maintain the Vulgano Brothers theory is actually the truth: The Horn finds the Player. If you are not filling a gap in an otherwise complete collection, try keeping your mind open and if something works really well, take the hint.....
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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    If Dillon's doesn't have what you want, I have several Super's and one may work for you. I will PM you about this.
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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    Yeah, sorry, my question wasn't very clear. My question was, which at Dillon's should I try? They have a lot of horns there and while trying all of them sounds like fun, I probably won't have that kind of time and I'd be afraid to fall in love with something out of my price range. I'm definitely open to getting any horn that fits me, I was just hoping for suggestions as to what you all think might be a good fit given that I have played a super and really liked it. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    Well just try the one's in your price range. That's why I don't try out custom horns costing thousands. I would just be setting myself up for disappointment. If you liked the Super, hold out for a Super unless something better in your price range hits you. Settling for something less will leave you with that "coulda,woulda, shoulda" feeling. That's why it's said, "Patience is a virtue". Have fun in the "candy store"!
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    Re: Going to Dillon's...What to do?

    I would try everything at Dillons that works for your pocket, but not buy anything until giving ComeBackKid's Super Super Store a try.
    It is further away, but dealing with him is a safe bet.
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