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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Gold or Silver in the General forums; Originally Posted by 12erlgro write in english or learn norwegian Ledsen oops, Anteeksi maybe?...
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by 12erlgro View Post
    write in english or learn norwegian
    Ledsen oops, Anteeksi maybe?
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by 12erlgro View Post
    I use a gold plated i haven't tried a silver hahaha

    Seems your question has been answered. Others have told you what they like about silverplated and goldplated mouthpieces. One uses goldplate mouthpieces exclusively. Others use a combination of both and others use only silverplate. Suspect there may be others who prefer stainless steel and lexan, too.

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    Re: Gold or Silver

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    Re: Gold or Silver

    Gold. I have no cold sores on the corner of my mouth since switching in 1997.
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    You cant miss the cool factor when everyone else has a boring silver and yours is gold. But the real reason that I use gold is that it never seems cold after long periods of waiting to play. It feels smoother and softer to my lips, and more comfort is a good thing to us more "mature" players. Best wishes.
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by rettepnoj View Post
    Silver, lasts longer, and better grip!
    I switched from a Schilke 14A4a to a Schilke 14A4 (has the more open "c" backbore) and thought I'd really pimp it out by taking to a friend who has a plating setup for small items - I just wanted the cup and rim plated.

    Mistake - the gold was so much more slick that I lost the grip with the silver I needed. Fortunately some careful buffing on my buffing wheel along with some elbo grease and Brasso was able to take the gold plating off of the rim. The cup is still gold on the inside but I got the grip back.

    So, for me it's silver plated all the way, although I'm curious about trying a polished stainless steel mouthpiece.
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    So the Norwegian translation says to pick whichever one looks good ... lol
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    I prefer the feel of a gold mouthpiece over a silver one (less sticky), but not enough to spend the bucks for gold plating. I seriously doubt that a layer of plating a few microns thick on a big machined chunk of brass can alter the sound produced, other than is due to differences between the slick/sticky aspect of the plating (gold vs silver).
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    Re: Gold or Silver

    Prior to 1996, I had only played on silver...I got a gold plated mouthpiece (same Bach 3C I had been playing on) in 96 and never looked back. I don't have the grip problem that several people have mentioned between silver and gold...I just prefer the feel of the does feel softer. Now I only own gold plated mouthpieces (I guess it helps that Monette only gold plates his mouthpieces too!)

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    Re: Gold or Silver

    i have difference pending on what im playing. i prefer Gold for classical playing, it gives a "smoother" feel on the lips.
    i use Silver for Jazz/Marching band i find it gives more "bite". granted my endurance suffers but its worth it.

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