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Trumpet Discussion Discuss good cleaning proceedure in the General forums; Originally Posted by scrap Take your valve pistons, bottom valve caps, tuning slides, valve slides, and of course mouthpiece of ...
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    Re: good cleaning proceedure

    Quote Originally Posted by scrap View Post
    Take your valve pistons, bottom valve caps, tuning slides, valve slides, and of course mouthpiece of of the horn. allow all of the parts to soak in warm (not hot) water with dish detergent in it. make sure the water level is about 1/3-1/2 way up the bell when he horn is resting on its side. after soaking for a bit, take a valve casing brush to the valve casings, and a snake brush to all of the slides, the holes in the valves, and the leadpipe (be prepared for some nastiness from here if you haven't cleaned your horn before.) then take a washcloth or soft rag and wipe off the outside of the horn, the valve pistons, and the inside of the bottom valve caps. Be sure to get in all the little crevices and such. Wipe the parts dry and set them on a dry towel to air a bit, then re-oil the valves, re-grease the slides, and but your horn back together. wash the mouthpiece frequently with hot water and use a ,mouthpiece brush or q-tip in the event of massive buildup(I've had this problem before and used rubbing alcohol to clean it was actually easier to play afterward...) If you have a silver/ raw brass horn i would recommend polishing, THEN bathing, to assure that all of the polishing agents have been removed.
    Just a couple of issues Scrap, the need to thoroughly rinse any detergent from your trumpet before allowing it to dry, lubricate, and re-assembly.

    My take on the polishing of silverplated instruments is that it should be carried out AFTER reassembly following washing because the repolish lasts a lot longer in that order - seems the blue polishing cloths have some "secret ju jube juice" that provides ongoing protection.

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    Re: good cleaning proceedure

    I realize this is an OLDER thread... but I wanted to add something "new" that I've been trying (at least new to me), and I don't recall if I have even seen this mentioned in cleaning procedures before...

    after cleaning and during the reassembly stage...

    I have started putting ONE small drop of slide grease on the threading of my top and bottom valve caps to ensure they don't get "stuck". I've only been trying this for a few months, but thus far it is working wonderfully.

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    Re: good cleaning proceedure

    That works well. Been doing it for years.
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    Re: good cleaning proceedure

    I use WD-40 on everything that has threads.
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