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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A good trumpet... in the General forums; Originally Posted by dangeorges My own opinion - You have 2 too many trumpets What with all the "rotating," you're ...
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    Re: A good trumpet...

    Quote Originally Posted by dangeorges View Post
    My own opinion - You have 2 too many trumpets
    What with all the "rotating," you're not able to concentrate on the most important things - the guy behind the horn and making music.
    Again - this is my own opinion. I don't know what I'd do if I had more than one B-flat trumpet and rotated. It's like having three mobile phones and using them on a rotating basis.

    With rotating what seem like decent trumpets, I believe you never really settle into what's important - making music - and are focusing too much on the horn.

    Thank you for your comments, and you may be right! I sometimes wonder if I have at least one too many, but I suppose it has a little to do with what my intentions are. I am a comeback hobbyist. I spent nearly forty years away from the trumpet and am thoroughly enjoying my comeback experience. I do not play for money - at least not yet. My three Bb trumpets, two Bb cornets, and one flugelhorn provide me variety and much musical satisfaction. I also seem to be developing a versatile embouchure. It kind of boils down to different strokes for different folks.

    You are right in noting that my three Bb trumpets seem like decent instruments; they really are in my opinion and I count myself fortunate to have them. I suspect I could be a contented musician with any one of them, but I do not have to own just one, and I am thankful for that fact.

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    Re: A good trumpet...

    Many of us, while accomplished players, are collectors, and as such, enjoyed the various nuances of our different instruments. For me, it's part of the enjoyment of playing.

    Larry D.

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