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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Goodby, Neal Hefti in the General forums; I just read that Neal Hefti passed away Saturday at age 85. His "Batman" theme is one of my iconic ...
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    Goodby, Neal Hefti

    I just read that Neal Hefti passed away Saturday at age 85. His "Batman" theme is one of my iconic childhood memories.
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    i thought the batman theme was by John Williams
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    Nope! I've loved this guy's music activities for over 50 yrs! Sorry to see him go, but he had a long life. I was surprised to read he stopped composing in 1978.
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    It always sucks to lose the good ones.... I am sure he is in a better place.

    For Mason:

    No John Williams/ Batman connection that I'm aware of....

    Batman (1966) original TV series..... Neal Hefti
    Batman (1989) Movie.................... Danny Elfman
    Batman Returns (1992) Movie......... Danny Elfman
    Mask of Phantasm (1993) Animated..Shirley Walker
    Batman Forever (1995) Movie......... Elliot Goldenthal
    Batman Begins/ Dark Knight............ Hans Zimmer
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    There's nothing like Danny Elfman's Batman theme. wow that got stuck in my head fast!!!
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    Our band leader met Hefti, so last night at rehearsal he had a Hefti memorial.

    We played
    Chery Point
    Coral Reef
    Lil' Darlin'
    Plymouth Rock
    Sunday Morning
    Sure Thing
    Teddy The Toad
    The Creeper
    The Kid From Red Bank....a great tune.

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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    he wrote Lil' Darlin' huh. I had read about his passing yesterday and later in the day Lil' Darlin' came round on the old mp3 player, so I guess I had my own little memorial.
    I knew he wrote for a lot of big bands, but not mush about specific tunes.
    I really envy those who got to experience big band swing in it's hey day, what a great period in musical history. Band kids today still enjoy playing a lot of big band music regardless of what they normally listen to on the radio.
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    Neal Hefti was born in my hometown of HASTINGS NEBRASKA...also the birthplace of Kool-Aid...and Tom Osborne, the greatest football coach in history ;)

    So sad to hear about Hefti's passing...always loved playing his charts. Splanky was a personal favorite...
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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    "Ultra-Pure Rocks!" - Chris Botti

    This is a temporary quote untill i find a good one.

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    Re: Goodby, Neal Hefti

    Mason...just because we can do a Google search for John Williams Batman Theme and it return some links...doesn't make it true. I went to the site you offered and there isn't even a tune there. It just shows works by John Williams. be fair...I'm sure it's possible that there might be a cd out there where John Williams may "conduct" music from movies...and including Batman...but as for writing

    REGARDLESS>>> we "really" are talking about the 1960's TV show - Batman, for which Neal Hefti wrote the theme. This is nothing to do with "any" newer movie music.
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