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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Gordin Goodwin pieces? in the General forums; I found some ridiculous stuff on SmartMusic by this guy, he writes some tough music! One in particular was Attack ...
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    Gordin Goodwin pieces?

    I found some ridiculous stuff on SmartMusic by this guy, he writes some tough music! One in particular was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. If you haven't heard this, you should definitely check it out. It's fast too, I think 240ish is the fast tempo and 210 is the slow. Here's a link to most of the song:

    [ame=]YouTube - Attack Of The KIller Tomatoes-Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band[/ame]

    Has anyone played any pieces, whether they be jazz or not, harder than this? I consider myself a decent player, but I just could not play this piece.

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    Re: Gordin Goodwin pieces?

    Yes. I've played Gordon's play along.

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    Re: Gordin Goodwin pieces?

    Check out who is in the Big Phat Band and everything will become clear. His arrangements were never intended for less that the cream of the crop.............

    Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

    Members of the Big Phat Band have distinguished themselves as recording artists and soloists in the jazz field, including Eric Marienthal, Wayne Bergeron (also a Grammy nominee), Andy Martin, Bob Summers, Luis Conte, Bernie Dresel, and Grant Geissmann
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    Re: Gordin Goodwin pieces?

    We played some gordon stuff in Jazz band a few years ago, I remember the music being very "odd" and our director giving some interesting story about him.
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    Re: Gordin Goodwin pieces?

    Gordon Goodwin has been writing great stuff for a big band setting for a long time now (I seem to think almost 30-35 years now)....old news....glad you discovered his music....awesome stuff...keep looking for more...
    Anyone remember that chart "Mama Llama Samba" ?
    I seem to remember EVERY college and HS jazz band was trying to play that chart in the mid 80's....a few even succeeded.... (I like to think our band did a pretty good job) CSU Northridge had a pretty good handle on Gordon's charts in those days

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