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Trumpet Discussion Discuss great customer service experience in the General forums; Every now and again you come accross someone who goes the extra mile and i did yesterday. My old besson ...
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    great customer service experience

    Every now and again you come accross someone who goes the extra mile and i did yesterday.
    My old besson crescendo had been clanking away with noisey valves for a while so i hunted for a repair man to sort the problem and i found one.
    Will Spencer - trumpets, brass repairs & snake oil
    Will Spencer is one of the few people that i have encountered who are really passionate about there work, he was polite, helpfull in every way and emcompasses what you might call a bit of the british eccentric, i hope he doesent mind me saying that.
    He quickly diagnosed the problem as hard rubber used insted of felts on this model of trumpet.
    He ultrasonically cleaned the trumpet, lapped the valves, replaced the offending felts, reamed one tight bore, removed burred edges from the top of the valve bores caused by the little bits that align the valves in the bores (forgot the technical name for them) aligned the valves, replaced the water key corks, cleaned the mouthpiece and playtested the trumpet.
    He also gave me great information on trumpets in general and the work he does.
    When i got home and started playing i also noticed he had removed the big dent from the middle valve slide.
    And most important of all the trumpet plays great, no more noisy valves, bigger sound and easier to play.
    I am a happy man and more importantly have found someone who put the service back into customer service.
    I may not be a good player but if i practice every day with a purpose I can only get better.

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    Re: great customer service experience

    I've had a similar experience with my local repairman. Great man, does fantastic work, and is always willing to share what he knows. I've gone to him about 3 times now to fix a horn or get one ready to sell. One of the times, he actually fixed some things that I didn't ask/know about...and didn't even charge for it!

    It's always great to find good people like this!

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    Re: great customer service experience

    Will Spencer has a wonderful reputation in the UK. Nice to know that you concur with others who praise his craftsmanship and knowledge.

    Best wishes,


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    Re: great customer service experience

    I agree, Will Spencer has just serviced my vintage Couesnon flugel, ultra sonic cleaned , valve alignment , sticking 1st valve slide, service. All for a very reasonable price. Also an agent for Carol Brass in the uk + MK tuning slides ect as well as building his own Spencer Trumpets . He sure knows his stuff.

    Highly recommend Him !

    Ian Simkins.

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