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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Green Trumpet in the General forums; Hello, I own a Green L.A. trumpet made by Werril. The trumpet play very well. I want to remove the ...
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    Green Trumpet


    I own a Green L.A. trumpet made by Werril. The trumpet play very well. I want to remove the green color on it, to give it to my girlfriend. Green trumpet will look stupid in an orchestra!!!

    I tried to boil the trumpet, to use lacquer remover, but nothing seem to work.

    Do you have any suggestion or do you know any repairman who can do the job?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Green Trumpet

    oh boy, this is gonna be ugly
    Jesus Christ is Lord!

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    Re: Green Trumpet

    The trumpet or this thread

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    Re: Green Trumpet

    Stripping it to raw brass would cost around $200.
    Relaquering would be another few hundred I think.

    I would buy another trumpet

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    Re: Green Trumpet

    You can get a chem clean and get them to leave it in too long, one of my profs had a "free laquer stripping" that way.
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    Re: Green Trumpet

    send it to kanstul, they will remove the finish and relaquer for 300 bucks
    Drake F. Peterson

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    Re: Green Trumpet

    Color is fun :)
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    Re: Green Trumpet

    The Weril is not that expensive of a trumpet. The protective coat is probably not "laquer" which can be easily removed, but epoxy which does a much better job of protecting the brass.
    $200-300 is what you will have to pay, if you want quality work done. Anything less could amount to getting what you paid for...........
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    Re: Green Trumpet


    That's a lot of time and money to spend on cosmetic details for a Weril. Why not give it to a kid who is learning and buy something better for your girlfriend?

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Green Trumpet

    There are some other ways to turn a trumpet green (or other colors):Patina Formulas for Brass, Bronze and Copper
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