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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Grime Gutter Problem. in the General forums; Originally Posted by tobylou8 Saliva! Yuck! Hey, get a grime gutter! Yeah, ummmmmm, I think I will pass.........
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    Re: Grime Gutter Problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Saliva! Yuck! Hey, get a grime gutter!

    Yeah, ummmmmm, I think I will pass......

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    Re: Grime Gutter Problem.

    never used one myself but a friend got one after he ruined a white dress shirt. he never had a problem with his because he would only use it while playing his horn. it came off when the horn when in the case and he also made up a bunch of inserts and changed them regularly. don't know if he still uses it , haven't seen him in over 15 yrs.
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    Re: Grime Gutter Problem.

    From a marketing point of view, I wonder if they sold more Bach's because of the feature. If Monk played trumpet, it could be the deal maker.
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    Re: Grime Gutter Problem.

    Folks, it DOES happen, no matter how careful one might be. It hasn't happened to me, but I haven't won a lottery either and I know that happens to somebody.
    Here is something you can do yourself. After some serious playing, take off the bottom valve cap and take a look what might be in there. You may see a little bit of moisture - especially if it is a little cool in your room or wherever you are playing.
    Grime gutters are stupid no matter what their reason for being is.
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