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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A ha Discoveries...... in the General forums; is my take on this. Lip buzzing and even mouthpiece buzzing are a quite different to how your lips ...
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    Re: A ha Discoveries...... is my take on this. Lip buzzing and even mouthpiece buzzing are a quite different to how your lips actually work when producing a tone when the trumpet mouthpiece is in the horn. You shouldn't expect the lips to be functioning in the same way (You may see different opinions about this, I have seen famous player/teachers disagree about this point). I recommend keeping lip buzzing to a minimum, no more than two minutes per day. Focus your time on playing with the mouthpiece in the trumpet and producing a good tone. Practicing chromatic scales, or any sort of scale, slurred and very quietly with a crescendo as you ascend and descrescendo as you descend could be helpful too.

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    Re: A ha Discoveries......

    hi there,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt. I think I ought to do what you suggest tho I guess some lip buzzing and even lip buzz-singing would help me develop a good emboucher since in my earlier years I used too much lip pressure.

    Best wishes,


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    Re: A ha Discoveries......

    To bridge from the topic back to the original, One realization I came to was that too much lip buzzing kills your tone and flexibility and that it's no substitute for some good old fashion playing.

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