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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Happy Birthday ChopSaver! in the General forums; Hi All December marks the 2 year Anniversary of ChopSaver! To all of you who are already fans of the ...
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    Happy Birthday ChopSaver!

    Hi All

    December marks the 2 year Anniversary of ChopSaver! To all of you who are already fans of the product, I give you my most humble thanks! If you haven't tried it yet, please check out the updated website -

    I won't take a lot of space here to hype the product as that is what the website is for. But here is the bottom line on ChopSaver - it helps you play better. No, it isn't "Double High C Cream", but don't you think less discomfort after hard days, no more chapped lips, and shorter recovery time is worth it? 1000s of players around the world now do! Find out for yourself!

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all!

    Dan Gosling

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    Re: Happy Birthday ChopSaver!

    Congratulations and thanks for a great product! I've put words in to my local music store here and would encourage all here to do the same.
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    Re: Happy Birthday ChopSaver!

    Congrats Dan!

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    Re: Happy Birthday ChopSaver!

    Congratulations....I'm on my first tube and I think it helps. On Sunday I played a rehearsal and then two back to back full on Carol services (in quite a big church with about 1000 people each service)....were are talking fanfares, lots of verses, descant arrangements and volume! Normally in the second service I have to nurse some pretty tired and swollen chops..........well.....this time I applied the Chopsaver during the 45 minute interval and came back to play stronger than in the first service! I was well pleased!......I don't understand the physiology of what happened but I assume it helped in some way.



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