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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen in the General forums; Happy Birthday Doc! 83 today! You're the Man!!!...
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    Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Happy Birthday Doc! 83 today!

    You're the Man!!!
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    Bob Odneal
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    Re: Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Happy birthday to my favorite trumpet player.

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    Re: Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Happy Birthday Doc!

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    Re: Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Happy Birthday, Doc. You have inspired me from the time I was able to understand just how hard it is to do what you do and make it sound easy. I have spent hours playing along with you and patterning my sound after yours. Many happy returns to my favorite trumpet player of al time
    Ed Fitzgerald
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    Re: Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Happy birthday Doc. Ive always had a lot of respect for what you have acomplished. I was attracted to Getzen because of your link to their instruments. I tried an Eterna Classic and loved it, but found it wasnt a magic wand to turn me into a great player. So more respect for you! I sure miss the old Tonite Show Band and longing to hear what was covered over by the commercials. Best wishes to you if you read this.
    Larry tscharner!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Doc Severinsen

    Doc is not only THE man, he is also STILL THE MAN! He is still making great music!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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