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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Harrelson Trumpet advise in the General forums; I am looking into having a Harrelson 909 built for me. I am wondering if there are any people out ...
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    Harrelson Trumpet advise

    I am looking into having a Harrelson 909 built for me. I am wondering if there are any people out there that have experience with this brand...I am on a 74 Bach Strad now and the valves are eating themselves up...i have been in search of a quality horn and need a great all around horn...any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Harrelson Trumpet advise

    write Jason a p.m. and he will tell you every thing you need to know. Dave
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    Re: Harrelson Trumpet advise

    I have a harrelson 907 and love it. from the first time I played it I have noticed how open it sounds and feels. Give Jason a call or send an e-mail he is very helpful and will answer all question.



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    Re: Harrelson Trumpet advise

    I have owned and played two of Jason's horns: The Triton and the Muse. Jason is a wonderful guy and a true artist at building great sounding horns. Any horn you get from him will be wonderful. Be prepared to wait, however... it is the price you pay for dealing with a fine custom builder that runs a small shop. I wish you well.
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