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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Heavy bracing on a trumpet in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk Bracing has multiple purposes. In certain places it serves to transmit vibrations to another part of ...
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    Re: Heavy bracing on a trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Bracing has multiple purposes. In certain places it serves to transmit vibrations to another part of the horn (front and back bell brace for instance). Other braces serve to damp vibrations (between the bell and the valve block for instance).

    At the end of the day, bracing controls the feedback that the instrument gives us (how we hear ourselves) and thus also changes the tone/stability of playing.

    Unbalancing a horn by changing the bracing usually means that we trash the playability. In the case of 2 Monettes that I own/have owned, the heavier braced Ajna2 was MUCH more brilliant than the lighter braced Prana 3. The heavier braced horn is harder to hear and that means for players without incredibly stable playing, it is harder to balance in a section.

    I am very careful about addressing Jason Harrelsons SWE approach. I think that the ad copy is very WRONG and that his math can not produce the results that are claimed. This does not make the horn bad, it just means that the story was created to explain given results instead of a process creating specific results. His heavier horns are more resonant, that is good for a strong player and not so good for a weaker player. The heavier Monette horns are also not optimal for weaker players as they do not have the strength to deal with the more powerful resonance/higher efficiency.

    In your case, you can't predict what a sheet brace would do. My guess is that the instrument would be out of tune and play very unevenly, probably with a rough upper octave,
    You couldn't be bette right Rowuk....bullseye! If you are only a trumpet player that didn't ever touch to trumpet making, well so you're a fine analysist, so you have a very sensible intuition.

    I made an experience with one of my old horns. I once planned to add a sheet brace to the bell bow and the tuning slide. So I first did the tuning slide. I'm not a trumpet maker, but I can do very clean solderings. So the thong was well done...took me a looooong time to fit the brace correctly to the slide.

    I played the horn. 5-6 notes in med-low register. Hhmm, Tone looks to be a bit more centered, a bit better slotting. OK, let's try some upper notes , mid to high C. God.....what a disaster! The horn behaved exactly like you said: uneven tone, hard to keep in tune, hard tp play over the staff ( this horn is normally SO easy to play in high register ), and last but not least, sound just lost all its colors and harmonics.

    Is it necessary to add I remover the thing immediately?

    Adding a sheet bracing to a horn that wasn't designed t.o get some is a risky business. You cannot predict what will happen. OK braces make a horn looks cool. I was constantly looking for one before. Now I'm plenty happy with my good old looking trumpets!!
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    Re: Heavy bracing on a trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by flugelgirl View Post
    The most important factor is always going to be if the horn fits you, and the type of playing you do. I've trialed some heavier horns, and while I found that they played well for me, I also found that the weight of some of them was just too much for my body to deal with. I'm small, and not as strong as when I was younger, and the weight of the horn x hours of playing per day left me with an aching back. I chose a more standard weight horn, and it was a better match. I can play more in a day and not end the day with arms shaking and back aching!
    Important point, flugelgirl. I frequently wonder if enough attention is paid to horn fit. Weight distribution and other physical characteristics play into this horn fit equation just as much as total weight IMHO.

    I try to practice while standing up as much as possible; at my age choosing to be more active instead of more sedentary is increasingly important. I have found that one of my Bb's exacts a surprisingly heavier toll on my arms than the other two during long passages, yet the two heavier horns are nearly identical in overall weight.

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    Re: Heavy bracing on a trumpet

    Having read all this, and owning a Harrelson Bravura now for 6 years I can say from my experience that Rowuk has absolutely nailed it, flugelgirl's assessment of the trumpets effect on the lower back is also very valid. I'm 5'10" weigh in at 15 stone 4lbs and am relatively fit for a 63 year old. Let me say, the trumpet with all it's heaviness is simply brilliant, but there are days when I simply reach into the case for my Getzen 900 Classic, because I know that I'm already too tired to play the Bravura for a full gig - and I resisit changing trumpets part way through a performance.

    What's my bottom line - I wouldn't trust an "amateur" to best guess changes to an acceptable trumpet - Jason Harrelson has stopped modifying trumpets to his way of thinking and manufactures his exclusive design, and they work beautifully.

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