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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A Heavy Horn in the General forums; What about some of the horns that come with both heavy and light caps, and two tuning slides? Conn Vintage ...
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    Re: A Heavy Horn

    What about some of the horns that come with both heavy and light caps, and two tuning slides? Conn Vintage One comes with all these extras, and so did the now discontinued Kanstul French Besson Classics. Cannonballs come with an extra set of heavy caps, and the V Raptor and VRII come with the cylinder reinforcement cap and 2 tuning slides. These horns are obviously designed to be pimped a little - are some of them really so different than some of the others that don't come with these options? Just curious! BTW, the Bach heavy caps that I have seen hardly qualify as heavy - they don't have much mass to them, and it's hard to feel the weight difference between them and the originals.
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    Re: A Heavy Horn

    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherBACH View Post
    It is laqured and my current one is a simple silver finish. No laqure.
    Bach's silver-plated horns are made from all brass - no nickel slide receivers or trim. The lacquered models have all the nickel parts, so that could be one difference you're feeling, at least in the way the horn responds. I wouldn't think the weight difference would be noticeable, though, when you pick up the horn. There must be some other difference between the two.
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