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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Hello in the General forums; Hi, my name is Angel and I'm from Venezuela. Started to play trumpet at 15. I have 45 now. I ...
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    Hi, my name is Angel and I'm from Venezuela.
    Started to play trumpet at 15. I have 45 now.
    I stopped to play for 4 years, aprox. between 2005 and February of present year.
    A friend helped me to play again using the spit buzzing.
    The reason to stop playing was because in 30 minutes I was exhaustive.
    I tried and tried again to solve that but I can't.
    Now, near to 6 month ago, my playing is a plessure and I start to teach with my background experience.
    Sorry for my english, I don't now exactly how I talk it.
    Thanks and see ya.

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to the Forum! We are glad you have made a successful comeback and are passing your knowledge along to others. There are many "come back" players on the forum you can share stories with.

    Don't worry about your English. I imagine it will improve the more you see our impeccable grammar in action.
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    Re: Hello

    welcome! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Re: Hello

    Very welcome in deed, Angel!

    Nice that you playing is a pleasure to you!
    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome from sunny spain !!!
    F. Pérez
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