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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Hello! How are you?? in the General forums; You know what i love about Trumpet Masters is how fast you all reply!! Well I just wanted to point ...
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    Hello! How are you??

    You know what i love about Trumpet Masters is how fast you all reply!! Well I just wanted to point that out! well I have done great and Marching season was great! (thanks to you guys for helping me stay) We had a great show and had great music! It was tough but i survived and now Im focusing on concert band. It grows on you, i was in marching band and just practicing marching music soo long that i had to get back used to playing concert music in concert band. The marching Forte is VERY different then a concert forte, and a creshendo is not as dramatic as it is in Marching. I have developed very much on my instrument. Ive past the half way point and doing really well! My school work is doing good i have a 3.78 gpa!! yay! (accomplishments are great!) Im also part of the Tiger Woods learning center! I was the first one to try out their Auditorium with my was cool! Ive been in the program for about 3 months now!
    just thought id let yah all know! how great youve made my year!
    So how are you mr. Manny!? good i hope! How is your teaching job? tell me everything! I love talking to you! Your soo....COOL! ( i couldnt find an inntelectual word to describe you )

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    Chica, Chica... where have you been? We've all missed you. Well, I suppose your post sums up where you've been: busy!

    It's great that you did so well in Marching Band and now you're taking on the concert band. Good, the indoor sound is a different sound from the field and you'll learn to make music in a different way.

    Congratulations on your GPA! Stunning... much better than I was doing at your age. Continue to do well... you'll sleep better at night that way.

    I've been very busy. Just today, my friend Chuck Lazarus and I played a duet piece by an old Italian composer named Vivaldi with a high school orchestra... at 8:30 in the morning! Can you believe it? But this week I'm doing my cover conductor duties instead of playing so, I have some extra time to practice. Hey, if you can find a copy of the most recent issue of the International Trumpet Guild's magazine, there's a picture of my section and me when we were on tour in Stuttgart, Germany. Ask your band teacher if he has a copy laying around. There's also a beautiful article the man who taught me, Mr. Wise, and Mr. Caroll. His name was William Vacchiano and he used to play in the NY Philharmonic.

    Thanks for checking in and saying "Hi". Stay well,


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