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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Hello trumpet cornet question in the General forums; Hi I have a model C-125L Courtois horn , I believe it to be a cornet it's probably ten years ...
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    Hello trumpet cornet question

    Hi I have a model C-125L Courtois horn , I believe it to be a cornet it's probably ten years old or better, can anyone please tell me which it is Trumpet or cornet, I've had a couple people thinking its a trumpet I'm all but certain its a cornet but I have no real info otherwise, i do know the bore differences but I'd like to know if anyone knows from the model number?
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    Re: Hello trumpet cornet question

    Looks like a C Trumpet as opposed to a Bb Trumpet or Cornet.

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    Re: Hello trumpet cornet question

    Without any reference numbers to use, I think that it is a trumpet in C. Go to and scroll to the manufacturers name segment for more info.

    Couturier trumpet
    York Wizard by Couturier cornet
    York Master Model trumpet
    York Elite trumpet
    York Airflow cornet
    Conn Concert Grand Cornet
    King Liberty trumpet
    Reynolds Professional cornet
    Bohm & Meinl professional trumpet
    Conn New World Symphony trumpet
    Olds Special cornet Los Angeles
    B&H Sovereign cornet
    G.R.Band Instr. cornet
    Getzen Super Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Getzen Deluxe trumpet and cornet
    Many others no room to list

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    Re: Hello trumpet cornet question

    Whatever it is it's a beauty. Looks like C proportions. If the OP has a piano available and can play even minimally can't he figure out pretty easily if that's the case? Just for my own edification (I really should already know this) what are the steps he would go through to discern the instrument's key?


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    Re: Hello trumpet cornet question

    well I have it for sale on ebay if your interested but thought it was a cornet

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    Re: Hello trumpet cornet question

    This is supposed to be an intermediate (semi-pro) C trumpet.
    I don't think that Courtois makes this model any more.
    Normally the bore of Courtois C trps are .459
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