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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Helmke trumpet in the General forums; hey, i'm in a ska band and i'm looking for a new trumpet. I've been looking on eBay to try ...
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    Helmke trumpet

    hey, i'm in a ska band and i'm looking for a new trumpet. I've been looking on eBay to try and get the cheapest prices, and i've found a trumpet i'm interested in, but i can't test it out. So i was just wondering if a Model 765 Helmke is a decent trumpet... i'm not looking for anything outstanding, just good valves and a decent sound.. plus this one's black, so it's already freakin awesome.. but yeah.. if anyone has any input, that'd be awesome... here's the trumpet..

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    Do you want a horn that plays? Be careful on ebay, there is alot of trash. I can't suggest any particular horn for you, but you should definatly play before you buy. Or else, you are at risk of getting screwed. Check out Tulsa They have a great selection.
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    I can't say it enough, stay away from this garbage! This "German Engineering" horn is made by the same crap-producers as Laval, Monique, etc. etc. I've also seen "French Engineering" and "Italian Engineering." If you want a good horn for a low price, look for an Olds Ambassadon on eBay. You can even take off the laquer to make it look "cool." Hope this helps.

    I see this is your fist post. Welcome aboard. There's tons of information here for you to enjoy.

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    I'd go for a cheap Yamaha or something (that's just one brand to look at, there are many many other good makers) - it might cost a bit more, but it'll be a far better instrument and will probably save you some money long-term. Always try before you buy.

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    I'll echo what trptguy had to say. I once emailed those people to ask what they meant by "German Engineered". Their response was that they were sellinga horn that was "modelled on a high quality German trumpet". Now, as close as I can reckon, B & S makes probably the most commonly known piston trumpet... and it is modelled on a Bach Strad.... which is modelled on a French Besson!

    So what are these guys selling on Ebay? Cheap, Asian JUNK that bears no more than a token resemblance to a real "trumpet".

    Stay away... stay very far away.

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    Five Iron Frenzy -- and you play in a Ska band. Now who would have guessed

    The good people on this board are correct. Stay away from the junk. If you don't know what is junk and what isn't, take a look at:

    I pretty much list them out.

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