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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Help! in the General forums; Friday I had a couple of different horns out for practice. Two of my b-flats, my flugel, and my C. ...
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    Friday I had a couple of different horns out for practice. Two of my b-flats, my flugel, and my C. To make a long story short, the stand with my C trumpet tipped over and the horn hit the second valve slide. Yesterday when I went to play I found the valve casing must have been bent by the impact. I can get the valve out, but just barely.

    How big a problem is this to repair, or did I just turn this horn into a doorstop?


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    Re: Help!

    A good tech should be able to fix that issue. You are definitely not the first player to have that says I (with some degree of sheepishness).
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    Re: Help!

    Bad weekend for horns! You should be able to have that fixed no problem. I just dinged my pristine flugelhorn in a similar incident. A case fell shut and the latch hit the bell, leaving a large dent. My friend remarked that the first one is always the worst. Luckily, it's the least valuable in the stable, so I wasn't that upset. Get your horn to the shop and explain what happened with some dignity and they'll set it right for you, despite the snickering you might endure.
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    Re: Help!

    Good repairs and expected damage are what keeps techs in business.

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