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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Help! Historical information! in the General forums; Hello, fellow trumpet friends. I'm currently preparing for a recital coming up in the next year. My list of pieces ...
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    Help! Historical information!

    Hello, fellow trumpet friends. I'm currently preparing for a recital coming up in the next year. My list of pieces includes:

    Legend - George Enesco
    Trumpet Concerto - Edward Gregson
    Quintet No. 3 - Victor Ewald
    Paths - Toru Takemitsu

    I'm working really hard on the technical portion, but I need help with the "musical" aspect of learning these pieces. There aren't many recordings of a couple of them and because of that I don't have many varied interpretations of the pieces. My question to this forum within the trumpet world, is:

    Can anyone tell me any historical information or anything about any of these pieces? Anything about the composers thought-process, imagery, historical significance, ANYTHING would be of great help.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions for recordings, that would be brilliant also. Thank you!

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    Re: Help! Historical information!


    You may find this - Programme Notes useful. Phil Smith has recorded a CD with the Legend which I recommend. If I am not mistaken, Hardenberger has recorded both Paths and Gregson's concerto. Good luck.

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    Re: Help! Historical information!

    The Ewald #3 has been recorded by the Stockholm Chamber Brass. It is my reference for ensemble playing. It was originally for a string quintet and lacks the brass character of Ewalds 1st and 2nd quintet.
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    Re: Help! Historical information!

    There are 2 pretty new recordings of the Gregson. Ole Edvard Antonsen and Christopher Moore. Both are great.

    I second Rowuk's recommendation of the Stockholm Chamber Brass recording of the Ewald. Really tasteful playing on that whole CD.

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