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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Help identifying my Callet trumpet in the General forums; About 15 years ago I bought a used trumpet at a local shop... It was a Jerome Callet. I knew ...
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    Question Help identifying my Callet trumpet

    About 15 years ago I bought a used trumpet at a local shop... It was a Jerome Callet. I knew nothing about it but loved how it played and sounded. Over the years I've gathered bits and pieces here and there about it but nothing seems to be my exact horn.

    It's silver, the bell says Jerome Callet New York and the lip where the mouthpiece enters says SLB.
    I take that it's a New York model with a super large bore. There's just one thing my bell is removeable. There are 2 thumb screws 1 on the left of the 2nd valve the other behind the exit of the 3rd valve. Loosten them and you could swap out the bell for another if you had one...
    Ther serial reads F4404

    Any help identifying the exact model and a crude appraisal would be greatly apreciated.

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    Re: Help identifying my Callet trumpet

    Welcome aboard, first of all. I hope you'll find this site useful for the kind of detective and valuation work you're trying to do.

    The New York model was Callet's first horn, made to his specifications by DEG in the early 1980s. The Super Large Bore is just that: .472 at the second valve, reportedly. It is an excellent lead horn, if you've got the stamina. I don't know whether the tunable bell you describe was a factory option or an aftermarket alteration. You might want to call Mr. Callet himself to ask: 1-718-477-5803. As far as valuations go, stock New York SLB models have been bringing $750 to $1,000; without knowing whether the tunable bell was stock or an aftermarket customization, it's hard to tell how if might impact value. Good luck.

    You might also want to use the search function on this site for additional information about Callet horns; one thread had some links to Callet serial numbers and some valuable detail and insight from present and past owners. One thing is certain: you're a privileged minority to own a Callet; since he started building horns, I believe only about 4,200 have been produced by Mr. Callet, spanning only four or five distinct models.
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    Re: Help identifying my Callet trumpet

    Thanks for the info. I've been lurking the boards for a few days. Found a wealth of info. Just no info on the tunable bell.

    I actually had contact with Mr. Callet about 10 years back. I was using the horn on the road and sustained damage from a car accident. He was more than helpful and repaired the damage at his shop in NYC for almost cost. Gotta love a man that loves his work that much. Unfortunately I didn't ask any questions about the trumpet itself than. I was just relived to get it repaired quickly.

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