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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Help me with this National Anthem performance in the General forums; This is a forum of diverse and relatively fair members and that's why I'm bringing this here. I don't want ...
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    Help me with this National Anthem performance

    This is a forum of diverse and relatively fair members and that's why I'm bringing this here.

    I don't want to give any information that would color your opinions so I will just ask you to give your thoughts on the performance and impression given by this performance of the US National Anthem. I'll clarify after I get your reactions. Thanks a bunch.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    It wasn't bad, but in my opinion, a serviceman in uniform should play it straight. There also should be no celebratory reaction by the guy after he played it. He should act like he's played it before...

    The jazz guy who played the SSB before the Alabama - Michigan State game last night did a much nicer job.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    The guy plays better than me so I'm not going to be overly critical. Weather looks like it was brutal. Can't imagine trying to play it even in regular range in that cold. Horn seemed to respond better as it warmed up. Yes, there were a couple of well covered clams, the tempo rushed some as it progressed, and there was a little more ad lib grace notes to it than I would prefer. Keep it standard is my motto. Still the guy had a really nice fat sound, seemed to handle a huge crowd without nerves. While he did jump an octave up, at least I appreciate that he kept the tune recognizable. Again, with the weather, tonguing, accuracy, weren't perfect, but hey, I'm suprised he could even get a sound out, yet along knock out the solo.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Anyone out there with a military background that would know if there are any regulations on how the SSB is to be played while in uniform? This is an area that I am unfamiliar with.

    I always prefer the "as written" approach much like how a church organist and choir's purpose is to lead the congregation in singing the hymns. I also realize that times have changed.

    I admire those with the nerves of steel to perform in that kind of environment.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Here is what the Navy regulation states:

    United States Navy Regulations Chapter 12
    1204. Manner of Playing National Anthems.
    1. The National Anthem of the United States, “The Star Spangled Banner,” when played by a naval band, shall be played in its entirety as written and as prescribed in the official U.S. Navy Band arrangement, which is designated the official Department of Defense arrangement.
    2. The playing of the National Anthem of the United States, or of any other country, as a part of a medley is prohibited.

    The other branches of the military have similar wording in their regulations. Although the regulation does not specifically discuss an individual playing the national anthem, I would not not want to explain to my commanding officer why I was playing the national anthem like a Maynard Ferguson solo. As a military retiree, I am in agreement with Dale, there is only one way to play the national anthem.

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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Personally I do not disapprove of artistic embellishment of the National Anthem as long as the intentions of the performer are respectful, many folks would disagree.

    If the performance was by a military band in a formal event I believe that there would be less leeway from a "straight" arrangement and regulations would apply, but this airman was a "jazz soloist" and was introduced as such presumably with the expectation that his interpretation would be a bit "jazzed up".

    All that aside I think that whether or not you liked his technique and performance is a matter of personal taste, cold weather conditions did seem to make the performance a bit challenging.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    I like it straight or mostly straight. In this case, less is more.
    It would be difficult for me to play this. I tear up every time I hear it.
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Not my cup of tea. This guy was not thinking about the words when phrasing or articulating. My opinion is that it was more about his ego and testosterone level than a "Star Spangled Banner".
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Seems that happens to a lot of "artists" when called upon to do it in those venues. I prefer straight, to maybe just a little embellishment. Not a tour-de-force or worse
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    Re: Help me with this National Anthem performance

    Leave the tune alone! Hot-dogging it shows little reverence for the meaning of the words.
    It is not a showpiece for range, technique, or any kind of improvisation.
    Rich T.

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