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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Help me play fast in the General forums; thanks richard..........crow...
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    Re: Help me play fast

    thanks richard..........crow

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    Re: Help me play fast

    Rowuk made a great post I just want to add a thought.

    Do the studies and drills at the speed you can without mistakes.
    When you can play a line through with NO mistakes 10 times (arbitrary number 5 might work as well) the up the BPM on the metronome 5 BPM.

    It is keeping clean execution as you gradually build speed that makes it work.

    Use a metronome every time and write down your BPM as well as noting when you have it clean or ideas to improve.

    I also suggest trying the drill much faster now and then just to give the brain and fingers a push and the back to the bit by bit increases.

    I have cut this a bit short as I am typing with one hand due to my dance with lymphoma. Once I dance this disease into the ground I will be getting back up to speed and better than ever.
    No substitute for music through the horn.

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    Re: Help me play fast

    Nagel Speed Studies. Sorry to say it but just practice playing faster - gradually. :)

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    Re: Help me play fast

    thanks guys.....pipedope, good luck with the lymphoma.........crow

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