Thanks for the great advice so far. There are several other factors that I feel help me as well....first of all, I am not a typical grad other words, I am actually 32 years old, and a music teacher by trade. I am completing my Masters degree part-time in performance, as I wanted to be sure to not fall into the trap of getting "WalMart Chops" by not performing...truthfully, I firmly believe that my time spent performing makes me a much better teacher, but that is another topic. I have also played the Toot Suite in recital before, and I am familiar with the piece. The reason that I asked for input was because of that very fact...the last time I performed the entire piece, I remember that my face felt like it was ready to explode by the end of the thing. I am looking for ways to help with that, as I want this recital to be better than the last on was....I am sure that I will have many of my students at this recital, and I don't want them, my professor, or myself to be dissappointed. My professor at the university is great, and I am sure that he would probably be receptive to my talking between movements if I asked him. I have really enjoyed working with him. Thanks again for the advice...I am feeling better about things already.