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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine in the General forums; I agree SteveRicks!...
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    I agree SteveRicks!

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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    From time to time some people "confess" that they have to say that Miles Dewey Davis is a mediocre player, Louis Daniel ditto and now Herbert Alpert.
    Maybe he plays only stuff "we can play" but I strongly believe that H.A is a great trumpetplayer. But with him you can't listen to the speed of execution or the stratospheric notes, you have to listen to the details of execution and the style of interpretating. PERFECT!!!!
    It's all in the phrasing.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    Quote Originally Posted by kehaulani View Post
    "It's not what you know, it's how you use what you know!"
    - - - John Brenson, 1967, in an argument over his mediocre musicianship.

    OK (takes a deep, relaxing breath) how to be tactful. Since becoming active on this forum, I've been surprised (taken aback) by how many seem to have been real fans of, if not even enfluenced by, Herb Alpert. Nothing wrong with getting some pleasure out of listening to his stuff, that's for sure. But IMO the guy's a mediocre trumpet player who personifies the quote above.
    Nothing wrong with that: In the old world we use to say: 'In the limitation shows the true master' (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) but apart from that; I challenge everybody who says that Herb Alpert is a mediocre trumpetteer to copie his version of Promises, Promises (Herb Alpert And The T.J.B. - Promises, Promises - YouTube) or Zorba the Greek (Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Zorba The Greek - YouTube)
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    I concur with Patkins & Ricks. When Trumpeters like Harry James, Ray Anthony were struggeling to keep the Big bands going Mr. Alpert was making headlines with his own new style of music and a simpler form of trumpet playing a lot of us beginners could at least try to emulate. He managed to create some great music that everyone could enjoy, run a large business, make and keep a large sum of money and lead a decent life with his family. Of the latter most of the great trumpet players of Mr. Alperts era were women chasers, drunks, or drug addicts with very few scruples sorry to say.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    Quote Originally Posted by Carroll W. Schroeder View Post
    ........most of the great trumpet players of Mr. Alperts era were women chasers, drunks, or drug addicts with very few scruples sorry to say.

    Schilke B1 & S42 (Bb), Conn 38A Connstellation (Cornet), Bach Strad 183 (Flugel), French Besson Classic (C)
    Plus a modest collection of vintage trumpets.

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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    When I was in my teens, every one of my friends had a Herb Alpert cassette in their car. I was the only one of the group that was actually a horn player, yet, Herb was the "go to guy" for everyone in my neighborhood when they wanted some fun, lively music. Oh, and most of these guys had an almost unbridled love for Kiss, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Judus Priest, etc...
    Just shows the universal appeal of Herb Alpert and the TJB. He had a way of bringing all generations together.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    Sorry guys, many of you are confusing his ability to play catchy tunes and produce recordings with state of the art production values, with his ability to play the trumpet. They are not the same thing at all.

    Regarding using ''Promises" and "Zorba" as examples that he was more than mediocre, I offer this. All I can say is that "Promises", is hilarious. I thought it was a youTube shred. No? With "Zorba", one of the bands I directed in Germany, played "Zorba" regularly on gigs, including that trumpet part, in harmony, and these were amateurs. What can I say?

    Regarding using his recordings to play along with because they were accessible to your level of proficiency, that's cool. I would offer, though, that there was an alternative, so that Herb didn't have to be considered such an influence - one Miles Dewey Davis. The heads and solos on "Kind of Blue" were also accessible.

    As far as his being one of the most influential trumpet players of all time, I'd sure like to know what that's based on. I spent the first decade of my professional career playing trumpet and being around some monster trumpeters, both up and coming, as well as legendary players, and I never knew one who referred to Alpert as an influence. The bouncy pop style might have had an influence on a certain genre of pop music, in general, but that had no significant impact on trumpet players that I know of.

    But this is getting out of hand. Anyone who enjoys Herb Alpert's music, have fun with it. That's what it's there for. And the instrumental pop version of "Valentine" offered at the top of the thread is there for anyone's listening pleasure. I give the guy credit for creating a instantly recognisable style that is pleasing to listen to, commercially successful and he has done many things for the music industry.

    But let's not over-state his role as a trumpet player based on the enjoyment of his music or on his astuteness as a businessman and producer. Like I opened my remarks with - he's a perfect example of knowing how to use what you know.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    So Kehaulani, you don't think much of Herb Alpert. Why don't you look at what these cats said about him?

    “You hear three notes and you know it’s Herb Alpert” said Miles
    Davis in 1989; “He gets right to the point of what he’s playing,” remarked
    Wynton Marsalis more recently, “very melodic and nothing extraneous.”

    Source: Herb Alpert Biography.

    It is my opinion that these cats trump your opinion, that he is mediocre.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    In the late 60s- early 70s his Whipped Cream album was always one of my favorites...still . The music was great and the cover art was unforgettable.
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    Re: Herb Alpert - My Funny Valentine

    Here is the ride book player in my band, Bill Hart playing it.

    Bill was a student of Don Jacoby and in the famous picture of Don giving a student a lesson, Bill is the student.

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